Using technology to conquer traffic

With the country struggling with stage four loadshedding, traffic has become an even bigger nightmare for many. Added to this, projections suggest that in 18 years it could take six hours to commute between Johannesburg and Pretoria, if additional roads are not built. Whether these projections are true or somewhat exaggerated, it cannot be denied […]

Sam says ching!

The latest Peugeot 308 sees updates to the exterior, technology and safety which, according to the manufacturer, makes it an elegant family hatch. The fuel consumption, however, is a bit surprising. For a car of that size, I expected to get much better. In fact, one of its larger siblings achieved a much better consumption, […]

MasterDrive participates in Ride ‘n Drive

Last week MasterDrive had the opportunity to lead a Ride and Drive hosted by Those playing a role in the management of the fleets at funeral homes had an opportunity to test out various cars which could be used for different purposes within the industry. They also had the opportunity to interact with manufactures […]

Weekday Wit

Burger King Two blondes go out for a Whopper. They ask the server for two Whoppers but she says “We don’t sell them to blondes here.” So the two blondes wait two days, get brunette wigs and go back. They ask for the Whoppers but the server says, “No, we don’t sell Whoppers to blondes.” […]

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