Road safety pledge


Encouraging your employees to be the best drivers they can be is one step in the right direction to improving road safety within your organisation and in society in general. Yet, words can only have power if they are supported by actions. Every organisation that prioritises road safety can act on their words by signing a road safety pledge. 


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, encourages each person to make a pledge to road safety to bring about a tangible difference to the crash statistics. “Encourage all your employees, especially those that drive as part of their employment, to make a pledge to be better drivers and to be ambassadors of road safety to all that they come into contact with.


“This pledge includes both major road offences like drinking and driving and distracted driving but also the minor offences that most drivers believe they can commit without consequence. It includes pledging to stop at every stop sign, to never drive inappropriate speeds (for example driving 60km/h in an area where school children are present) and to always be courteous to other drivers. It requires driving in a way that drastically reduces your chances of being in a collision,” says Herbert.


Encourage every person in your organisation to sign a pledge that spells out what driving is not acceptable. Herbert provides an example of a road safety pledge below:



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