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Fatigue management for truck drivers – what research shows

According to some experts as much as 60% of truck crashes can be attributed to fatigued driving. Clearly, if that is even remotely true, it is imperative that something is done about it– and soon.   Fatigued driving management for truck drivers is an important element of keeping our roads safe. While the mining industry […]

Launch review: BMW X7

BMW is pulling back the covers on a new definition of automotive luxury. The BMW X7 blends lavish presence, exclusivity and spaciousness with the versatile and agile driving properties customers expect from a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). The latest, and largest model in the BMW X line-up, offers an outstanding powertrain and chassis technology. There is also […]

MasterDrive welcomes new employees

MasterDrive would like to welcome new members to the team. Nasrin Lottering will be joining the Johannesburg training team, while Dieter Coetzee will be join the KwaZulu Natal training team. Leoni Kuhn will now be part of the Johannesburg sales team and Charlene Visser will join the KwaZulu Natal sales team.   According to the […]

Weekday Wit

Three rings After you get married you get three rings. The first one is the engagement ring. The second is the marriage ring. The third one is …(suffer)ring!   Of course Three patients in a mental institution prepare for an examination given by the head psychiatrist. If the patients pass the exam, they are free […]