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Friday funnies

Bros before bros I was driving with my friend. We come to a red light and he speeds up and whips right through it. I start freaking out “Hey man, you’re going to get us killed!” He replies “Relax, my brother drives like this.” We come to another red light and he blazes right through. […]

Travel to the Seychelles

The Seychelles has gained acclaim for the most beautiful beaches in the world and even as the honeymoon destination for royals. If you are looking for a magical tropical island experience, the Seychelles might be it.   By Samantha Greathead The best time to go The Seychelles is warm all year round with temperatures ranging […]

How to drive through a veld fire

Drivers who are caught in the smoke of veld fires are at risk of a crash due to limited visibility. To avoid becoming a statistic in this situation, be prepared and learn how to react if you are caught in a fire. The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, provides some tips on how to drive […]

The bright lights battle

We have all been driving at night when another driver blinds you with their bright lights. You give a quick flick of your lights in case he did not realise but, alas, he does not respond. Now, you have two choices. Do your best to drive with his brights on or switch yours on, punishing every […]