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Seeing the full picture

The eyes are every driver’s most important asset. Over the last few years many studies were completed on the role of vision in road safety.   The UK estimates 33 000 casualties occur in poor-vision related crashes. Unlike South Africa, the UK tests the acuity of a driver’s vision next to the road. If you […]

DO NOT Pokémon Go and drive

People are playing Pokémon Go while driving. That is impossible, right? Surely no one would do that? Follow these links and see this is exactly what people are doing: The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says following a number of dangerous incidents in the US, the National Safety Council is calling for players to […]

The drunken driving insurance folly

Everybody knows that drinking and driving can get you into trouble with your insurance company, but few people realise just how easily it can happen. It’s actually much easier for an insurance company to refuse a claim if it suspects you’ve been drinking before the crash than it is for a police officer to arrest […]