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Misuse of seatbelts by women

A recent survey found that over 1 in 4 women misuse their seat belts. Since inception, once can argue seatbelts are the single most important contributor in reducing numbers of fatalities in crashes. Thus, why on earth would someone choose not to wear one?  Reasons vary from, ‘they don’t work’ to ‘I heard someone was […]

Driving expressions: Renault KWID

No clever lines –from my side- to describe this entry level Renault that arrived in 2016 amidst some degree of controversy. This is due largely to the fact that it lacked certain safety features. Those features in the opinion of some were non-negotiable and therefore the Renault KWID should be a ‘non-starter.’   In all […]

The Taxi Diaries: Are taxi drivers portrayed correctly?

I have been reading and hearing a lot of stories on local newspapers and local radio stations about how taxi drivers are fighting for routes and passengers. Now if you, like me, are into the soapie Isibaya then you know taxi wars or taxi fights for routes are very serious. How many people know that many […]

Quick tips: What the law says…

Can I operate my vehicle on a public road with no speedometer? No. In terms of Regulation 215(1) of the National Road Traffic Act Regulations of 17 March 2000, no person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle which is designed for or capable of reaching a speed of 60 kilometers per hour […]