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25 places to see before you die

There are places all over the world that inspire with their history, beauty and uniqueness and seeing these is a once in a life-time experience. Every avid traveller undoubtedly has a list of dream destinations. If you have yet to make yours, here are 25 places to travel to and see before you die.   […]

Quick Tip: What the law says…

When are headlights necessary on public roads?   In terms of Regulation 159 of the National Road Traffic Act Regulations of 17 March 2000, the headlights are necessary for any person operating on a public road, a motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, a motor tricycle with one wheel in front or trailer, unless it […]

Fake phones for driver safety?

An insurance company in the UK is launching a ‘prosthetic or fake phone’. This is in response to research which reveals a percentage of smartphone users see their phone as ‘an extra limb.’ Research carried out by the company as part of its Give Your Mobile the Boot campaign. It reveals that 35% of Brits […]

Driving expressions: the BMW 440 Coupe M Sport

Having driven the M4 several months back it was interesting to get behind the wheel of its ‘lesser’ sibling, the BMW 440, and compare, what is essentially, similar vehicles. One would of course not mistake this one for the M version as it is certainly less ostentatious. It carries ‘smaller wheels’ and obviously different exhaust […]