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The benefits of adaptive headlights

European vehicles with adaptive driving beam headlights increase roadway lighting by as much as 86% compared to low-beam headlights in the US   New vehicles being delivered in SA – depending on specifications – are increasingly showing evidence of new technology, all of which are geared to make for safer driving. Ironically enough ‘not all technology is […]

Launch review: JMC Carrying Plus and Vigus 5

The new Carrying Plus With the introduction of the Carrying Plus, Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC) South Africa has moved up a weight division.   The Plus boasts a 4-tonne payload yet is priced below R300 000 in dropside configuration. This price includes the security of a 3-year/90 000 km service plan and a 5-year/150 000 […]

Veld fire causes serious crash

A multi-vehicle pile-up on the N3 resulted in the deaths of at least nine people near Spruitview in Johannesburg yesterday. Authorities have yet to confirm a cause but initial reports suggest that the smoke from a veld fire contributed to the chaos. As we head into the drier winter months in parts of South Africa, […]

Weekday Wit

Who is dumb? A married couple is sleeping when the phone rings at 3am. The wife picks up the phone and after a few seconds replies, “How am I supposed to know? We’re 200km inland! “and hangs up. Her husband rolls over and asks, “Sweetheart, who was that?” “I don’t know, someone asking if the coast is […]