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Volvo leads the way in managing speed

Volvo will begin limiting the top speed of its vehicles in 2021. No doubt many motorists have wondered why manufacturers willingly create cars capable of achieving higher and higher speeds. Some time ago there was even consensus that vehicles would be limited to 250km only to find that some proudly promoted that this could be […]

Launch review: Mitsubishi Triton

The latest Mitsubishi Triton launched last week in Gauteng. The manufacturers revealed improvements made to the design of the exterior, comfort of the interior, technology that improves the 4×4 experience and improvements to the drive.   The design The first thing I noticed upon climbing into the car was the comfort the interior had to […]

MasterDrive waives Saturday fees

MasterDrive makes an effort to stay in touch with the challenges their clients face in the daily course of doing business. One of the major concerns that companies with fleets face, is the continually rising fuel price. The price for petrol and diesel has seen increases for three months in a row with the latest […]

Weekday Wit

A unique strategy A dentist completes his work on a patient and says, “Can you help me? Can you give a few of your loudest, most painful screams?” The patient asks, “Why Doctor? It wasn’t that bad this time.” The dentist replies, “There are so many people in the waiting room right now, and I […]