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Driving expressions: Peugeot 5008 – A true makeover

It is true that Peugeot does not generate a massive following in South Africa but, for those motorists who are not just blind followers and not merely concerned with what the neighbour owns or what will have best value at the point where disposal is imminent, the 5008 is an option to consider.   Those […]

New shape-shifting seats

Jaguar Land Rover is developing the seat of the future. It is a pioneering shape-shifting system designed to improve customer well-being by tackling the health risks of sitting down for too long.   The ‘morphable’ seat, being trialled by Jaguar Land Rover’s Body Interiors Research division, uses a series of actuators in the seat foam to create […]

Sam says it’s a winner

While I always drive test vehicles without preconceived perceptions, admittedly, I did wonder what the fuss was about when it came to the Corolla Hatch Xr. It was after all, just a Corolla.     Then I opened the door and my interest level was piqued a bit more. It was the Xr model which […]

Sam says it was a bit of a surprise

Following a three-year break in South Africa, Citroën released their new C3 late last year with great attention paid to the design to create what they call a colourful personality. Their intention was to ‘rock the market.’ Yet, despite its somewhat high price, it does not quite meet these expectations.   More power would not […]