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New Land Rover – does all its own stunts

Land Rover’s television commercial for the new Defender demonstrates its capability on tough terrain. The commercial features an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what to expect from the new Defender in the new James Bond move ‘No Time To Die.’ The rehearsal footage included in the advert shows the new Defender launching into the air. The Defender […]

Sam says it ticks all the boxes

Suzuki released a new look Baleno with a number of upgrades to the exterior, interior and its specifications. It needs little else to make it a competitive and appealing option in the segment.   From my first interaction with the Baleno, it is a car that I have had a lot of respect for because […]

Sam says it’s almost a different car

In the middle of 2019 Opel introduced a diesel derivative to their Crossland X offering. It brings quite a change to the range and a welcome one at that. The extra fuel economy, torque and confidence that it brings to the drive make it seem almost a completely different vehicle all together.   The Opel […]

Driving expressions: Peugeot 5008 – A true makeover

It is true that Peugeot does not generate a massive following in South Africa but, for those motorists who are not just blind followers and not merely concerned with what the neighbour owns or what will have best value at the point where disposal is imminent, the 5008 is an option to consider.   Those […]