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Your fleet low down

If you are looking to do some upgrades to your fleet in the next year, this is MasterTorque’s suggestions on five hatchbacks to consider   Polo Vivo   Toyota Yaris  Hyandai i20  Suzuki Swift  Nissan Micra   Engine   1.6L petrol   1.5L 4-cylinder petrol   1.2 or 1.4L  4-cylinder petrol  1.2L 4-cylinder petrol   0.9L turbo, 4-cylinder petrol   Power  77 kW  79 kW  61 kW  61 kW  66 […]

Sam says its an upgrade to business class

While the Suzuki Dzire falls into the realms of economy cars, its most notable feature is its size. Its large boot and more spacious interior make it ideal for those who want slightly more than the economical space of a hatch.   Drive and handling The tested Suzuki Dzire has a 1.2 petrol engine with […]

Amarok introduces a special edition

With over 30 000 Amaroks sold in South Africa since launch in 2010, Volkswagen has added a special edition Amarok, the Dark Label.   From the outside the special edition Amarok Dark Label distinguishes itself from the rest of the Amarok range through the locally-sourced MAXE matte black styling bar with ‘Amarok’ lettering. The door handles […]

Driving Expressions: Volvo XC60

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago Volvo was floundering – more by way of what its future held than with regard to product – and now, with each successive model release they continue to impress and wow drivers.   The new SUV replaces Volvo’s highly-successful original XC60. In the nine years since […]