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Fatigue -six tips to avoid being drowsy at the wheel

We all know the feeling of drifting off and letting our eyelids sag and gently drifting off into sleep – okay at home on the sofa but not good if one is behind the wheel of a motor vehicles.   Companies in particular need be aware of the dangers and be proactive in dealing with […]

Public perception of truck drivers

More than 80% of people surveyed have witnessed a commercial vehicle driving dangerously and 45% have seen an accident involving a commercial vehicle. These stats from the US appear to be somewhat slanted as the facts – verified by a telematics company – show the reality to be different.   The facts show that only […]

Phone Addicts Worse Threat Than Drunk Drivers.

Distracted driving has surpassed drunk driving and speeding to become the top roadway threat. A recent study shows how dangerous driving has become. While it is true many drivers are sensitised to the dangers of driving under the influence and, which coupled society’s desire to be healthier, stigmatises noncompliance. Drivers are 10% more distracted behind […]

Speeding – deaths increase with higher limits

Increasing the posted speed limit by 5 mph (8 km/h) can increase the fatality rate by 8%, according to a new IIHS study in the United States on speeding.    While we have always advocated that speed is not the direct cause of crashes, but rather the inappropriate use of speed is what is really […]