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Fatigue management for truck drivers – what research shows

According to some experts as much as 60% of truck crashes can be attributed to fatigued driving. Clearly, if that is even remotely true, it is imperative that something is done about it– and soon.   Fatigued driving management for truck drivers is an important element of keeping our roads safe. While the mining industry […]

The benefits of adaptive headlights

European vehicles with adaptive driving beam headlights increase roadway lighting by as much as 86% compared to low-beam headlights in the US   New vehicles being delivered in SA – depending on specifications – are increasingly showing evidence of new technology, all of which are geared to make for safer driving. Ironically enough ‘not all technology is […]

Drowsy driving: avoidance tips

Speak to most fleet operators and they will confirm that driving fatigue is a major problem  and contributes to a significant number of  accidents/ crashes. According to some experts up to 63% of insurance claims in heavy vehicles can be attributed to fatigue to a greater or lesser degree. It its vital therefore that we […]

Risky drivers compound bad behavior

Drivers who engage in risky behavior are often found engaging in other risky behaviors involving distracted driving at the same time, according to new data released by a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, and safety solutions for fleets in the US.   While snacking behind the wheel may not seem serious it is, however, a […]