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Driving through roadworks

Up to  59% of motorists admit to driving dangerously through roadworks   Roadworks and potholes are as ubiquitous as the common cold or flu virus – something that affects every one of us at some stage.   The following survey shows some alarming results – given the British peoples high regard for being law abiding […]

High cost of low-risk drivers

A case for driver training  If your safety policy only focus on training medium and high-risk drivers, then you’re missing out on targeting most of what is costing your fleet money.   Judging simply by the numbers, the largest risk most companies are exposed to, occurs on the public roadways. Transportation accidents cause 40% of workplace […]

Crashes no longer leading cause of accidental death

Opioid overdoses have passed vehicle crashes as the leading cause of accidental death.   Watch any movie and one is exposed to what happens in the make-believe world in which crime – in whatever form – is connected to drugs. While we know that is only the movies, it is inevitable that these depict and […]

Why drivers deactivate lane departure

The plethora of technology enhancements in today’s vehicles is quite challenging. It is also being dumped on the market at such a rate that it is inevitable that some may not be of a standard that many drivers expect.One such enhancement is the lane departure warning (lane assist).    We can question why lane departure warning […]