MasterDrive Tips


Three factors driving fleets

Safety, Sustainability, and Fuel Efficiency Are Synergistic   Of all the challenges facing fleet managers (in fact even companies who don’t operate a normal fleet) there are three challenges that feature consistently high on their list. These include improving driver safety, mitigating the high cost of fuel, and complying with corporate pressures to reduce fleet’s […]

Solo long-distance driving

When we think of road trips we often think of cars full of people but often people make long distance trips on their own or they may be the only driver in the car. In addition to the usual challenges faced during this time, solo driving has a few more without the help of passengers […]

Tips for holiday towing

Many people are leaving for their end-of-year holidays with trailers and caravans in tow. Yet, effective towing does require additional skills as it affects acceleration, braking and maneuverability. It can also have tragic consequences if a mistake is made.   The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, who is known for his towing feats, provides a […]

How to drive with badly maintained trucks

Recently there was a serious crash in Mpumalanga involving a truck.  As many motorists plan to head to holiday destinations in the coming weeks, it is important for motorists to do what they can to not endanger themselves or the truck drivers when sharing the roads with them. Initial reports, however, suggested a lack of […]