MasterDrive Tips


Dynamic-duo: telematics and training

Fuel savings, extending the life of your fleet and intensifying your advanced road craft training, are all techniques MasterDrive has suggested to reduce your fleet costs. Another technique that businesses should be using is fleet telematics to further reduce costs.   The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says telematics is not just there to […]

Food drive with MasterDrive

A major crisis that has resulted due to the extended lockdown is an increase in the number of people who are facing hunger. South Africans have banded together to try and assist where possible. One such initiative is that being run by ward councillor of Ward 23 in Mulbarton, Sarah Wissler, and her team. She […]

How to keep fleet vehicles for longer

Reduced hours on the road because of economic challenges at many companies may result in the retaining of vehicles for longer than normal. While always important, this places additional pressure on fleet operators to ensure that vehicles are properly cared for, on and off the road, and can operate safely and efficiently for longer.   […]

Driving in high accident zones

Every driver has seen a roadside sign warning them that the section of the road that they are driving on is a high-risk accident zone. When a driver sees one of these signs, they should change their driving style and increase their awareness levels to be ready to respond to unexpected challenges.   The managing […]