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Road safety during elections

South Africa is just two days away from their 6th democratic elections and election parties are wholly focused on securing their last few votes. Meanwhile, there is another consideration we need to take cognisance of and that is the extra traffic and challenging road conditions that we may encounter.   The managing director of MasterDrive, […]

Phone addicts worse than drunk drivers

Distracted driving has surpassed drunk driving and speeding to become the top roadway threat.   A recent study shows how dangerous driving has become. While it is true many drivers are sensitised to the dangers of driving under the influence and, which coupled society’s desire to be healthier, stigmatises noncompliance.   Drivers are 10% more distracted […]

Drunk driving could be a thing of the past

Imagine this scenario: you leave a function after a couple of drinks, thinking that you’re perfectly capable of driving. You fire up the engine of your vehicle and head for home. Your car’s safety technology knows that you should not be driving. It decides you are somewhat intoxicated, so it slows to a stop the minute […]

Drivers in SUVs more dangerous

Drivers in pick-up trucks or SUVs are more likely to kill pedestrians   While the market in vehicle sales sees an increase in SUV’s as a positive trend. It also lends a possible complication for road safety, more notably for pedestrians. This is according to statistics –which say pedestrians account for anything between 50 and […]