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Too relaxed for a seatbelt?

As many motorists set off for various holiday destinations in December, road safety experts can hope, with all the awareness campaigns circulating, that all passengers in vehicles will buckle up. Can we, however, be sure that once motorists safely reach their destinations that they continue the practice? If you drive a kilometer or two to […]

Distracted driving crashes increase dramatically on highways

Distracted while driving crashes increase by nearly 50% in highways, according to a new study   DWD or distracted while driving is featuring increasingly in the spotlight with many organisations instituting policies to deal with this scourge. Based on a recent study in the US, it is reported that distracted driving-related collisions are up to […]

Driving safely around schools

With more and more schools opening in the suburbs each year it is important that drivers – particularly fleet drivers operating in those areas – be aware of the dangers associated with driving in this environment.   While it is true that the legal speed limit is 60km/h it does not imply that it is […]

Fatigue increases accident risk

Accident risk increases by 8.3% when a driver is fatigued and behind the wheel for more than six hours, according to the latest safety findings from a proprietary accident risk model developed by Azuga. They are an industry provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies in the United States.   The tool also identified accident […]