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MasterDrive’s driving playlist

Every person has their own way of improving their concentration in traffic and remaining unperturbed by dangerous or aggressive drivers. One of these may be music. While the kind of music that achieves this varies between people, there are a few genres and songs one should probably avoid and others which can definitely assist. This […]

MasterDrive recognises road safety supporters

To conclude the year on a positive note, MasterDrive has been awarding companies for their dedication to road safety. These companies all prioritise road safety by either requiring suppliers to be trained defensively or by training their own drivers in defensive driving.   Along with the encouragement MasterDrive provides to drivers throughout the year, the […]

Well-being of older drivers

Health and well-being of older professional drivers: best practice guidelines   Many of our responsible fleet owners choose to be proactive with regard to the physical well-being of their drivers and go to considerable lengths to ensure that they get the best medical care. Sadly, many neglect an area which is of growing concern and […]

Driving without endangering wildlife

There are many incidents in which vehicles collide with wild animals while traveling to and from wildlife destinations. This can mean anything from a mild fender bender to a serious collision depending on the size of the animal.   MasterDrive offers the following advice for avoiding a collision with wildlife while traveling this holiday season: […]