MasterDrive Tips


Volvo leads the way in managing speed

Volvo will begin limiting the top speed of its vehicles in 2021. No doubt many motorists have wondered why manufacturers willingly create cars capable of achieving higher and higher speeds. Some time ago there was even consensus that vehicles would be limited to 250km only to find that some proudly promoted that this could be […]

Driving in the EU after Brexit

The world watches with interest as the debate around the pros and cons are broadcast across cyberspace but few, if any have, considered what impact this will have on motorists.   Fortunately, there are some guidelines in place which – depending on the final outcome – will possibly affect drivers (even South Africans).   The […]

The 5Ws and 1H of safe holiday driving

The Easter school holidays are already upon us and many families will be heading to various destinations across South Africa. If you will be one of the people behind the wheel during this time, follow these six tips to ensure you return home safely.    Work Arriving safely at your destination takes work. The first […]

Using technology to conquer traffic

With the country struggling with stage four loadshedding, traffic has become an even bigger nightmare for many. Added to this, projections suggest that in 18 years it could take six hours to commute between Johannesburg and Pretoria, if additional roads are not built. Whether these projections are true or somewhat exaggerated, it cannot be denied […]