Commercial vehicle collisions


20% of Commercial Collisions Happen Under 8km/h

According to a leading telematics company in the US, two out of every 10 collisions involving commercial vehicles fitted with their devices were involved in collisions at speeds below 8km/h.

Slow speed collisions appear to be the biggest crash hazard for commercial fleets.

Data from the telematics company shows that on average, commercial drivers are involved in collisions 3.8 times more often at speeds below 8km/h than at any speed between 10 and 130km/h. In addition, there are twice as many near-collisions at speeds within the aforementioned zones.

These findings align with figures from the National Safety Council (NSC) indicating more than 50 000 collisions occur in parking lots and garage structures annually. These result in 500 or more fatalities and over 60 000 injuries.

The study also explored risky driver behaviors during crash or near-crash events that occur under 8km/h. The findings indicate that improper mirror use was the top associated risk factor, followed by driving without a seatbelt and handheld cellphone use on the part of the driver.

The data also showed that drivers who engage in one potentially risky behavior are often found engaging in others simultaneously.

That being the case in the US it must follow – maybe illogically – that South African drivers would fair even worse.

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