Driving expressions: Peugeot 5008 – A true makeover


It is true that Peugeot does not generate a massive following in South Africa but, for those motorists who are not just blind followers and not merely concerned with what the neighbour owns or what will have best value at the point where disposal is imminent, the 5008 is an option to consider.


Those who don’t fall into the above category will possibly be enamoured by the ‘quirky’ features of the Peugeot – some common to other models – such as the disproportionate size of the steering wheel. More particularly so when it is seen in relative context to the dashboard.


Then there is the instrument cluster – like no other vehicle I have driven. The gauges work opposite to the normal manner and seem to dictate the way one views the 5008 in comparison to other vehicles.


It’s an SUV unlike many of its competitors as it looks rather boxy and unpretentious. That is until one gets inside the vehicle and then the favourable impression starts to grow on one as the ergonomically ‘ideal’ seats  absorb the torso, positioning it  in a manner that will ensure maximum  comfort  for most of the journey and still allow adequate  seating for the rear passengers – a perk that extends to the rear of the vehicle for 3rd row occupants. True is does take some adjustment to the steering wheel in order to maximise the view of the dashboard but that is, in the bigger picture- almost a ‘non-event.’


This vehicle is, admittedly, not a sports model but don’t let that mislead one into thinking that the drive is dull and boring. On the contrary, the 1.6 motor pushing out 121Kws enables the vehicle to maximise its space on the motorway with prompt – not quite rapid- acceleration through the auto box. It always seems to be in the right gear which on the odd occasion needs a ‘kick’ to get it moving a little more.


This vehicle is jam packed with so many features that it would be foolish to even think of listing them. Suffice it to say, it has a full bouquet of safety features, a comprehensive list of accessories that display every facet of the drive, a screen large enough to fill a cinema and climate control with infinite adjustments making a happy space for all occupants.


What about the drive – suffice it to say that this is a vehicle one could easily have sit in the garage with multiple uses intended, and have both mom and dad opting to use the vehicle for what they would want. I really like driving it.


Peace of mind is assured by a 5-year warranty and similar length service plan.



Engine: 1600 cc

Power: 122 Kw

Torque: 240nM

Consumption: about 8l/100

CO2 Emissions: 156


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