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Are you level three compliant?

With the prospect of going to level three lockdown restrictions, more businesses will begin operations.¬†Yet, returning to business during level three is vastly different to business before. To ensure, however, that they do their part in flattening the curve and to prevent being closed down, there are a vast number of things that every business […]

Driver-focused COVID-19 training

Once level four lockdown began, more businesses returned to their offices and vehicles. As the country anticipates being lowered to level 3 in June, the month of May will be critical in ensuring this. If all those that are returning to work do not continue to follow the safety guidelines required by the government, infection […]

Driving after lockdown

In the days preceding lockdown, a number of people left to spend the time with their families or even found themselves stranded at holiday destinations. Thus, as lockdown is about to be lifted, busy roads between major cities can be expected as people return home. Even the roads within cities will be busy as people […]

MasterDrive is ready for business

In line with the regulation put in place for businesses returning to work under level four restrictions, MasterDrive has redesigned and restructured their work area and operations for the safety of all.   Before opening, the offices were disinfected and sanitised by a professional service provider.   A number of new additions can be seen […]