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Thank you from MasterDrive

As we end off another year, the team at MasterDrive would like to thank everyone for their support of the company, our initiatives and every other way each person has interacted with us this year. If you will be taking some time off this month, we hope that you will enjoy this time and come […]

We’re not going anywhere

Unlike previous years, this year you can expect to still receive the MasterDrive newsletter throughout the full festive period. As December and January are critical times for road safety, we will continue providing you with content which can help you to safely return in the New Year.   Our road safety articles will include a […]

Kasi Road Safety and RTMC sign an MOU

MasterDrive recently signed an MOU with Kasi Road Safety (KRS) committing to bring road safety initiatives and awareness to all sectors of society. KRS, recently signed another MOU, this time with The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) to bring about safer roads. Below is information on the event.   Kasi Road Safety is humbled by […]

MasterDrive prioritises the environment

MasterDrive is committing to playing their role in looking after the environment. The company recently started its recycling initiative where rubbish will be divided up and dropped at recycling points or collected by recyclers. This initiative was launched with the aim of reducing MasterDrive’s carbon footprint and to create a healthy, livable environment for future […]