Win with celebrity stylist Skye Mendes!


At MasterDrive’s last Women in Transport event, we partnered with celebrity stylist, Skye Mendes, to provide tips and advice on how to change a few simple approaches to style and your personal brand to see a massive difference in your professional life.


MasterDrive is partnering with Mendes again to find out more about the ladies who often work in a male-dominated environment and how this affects their style personalities. Complete this survey and not only share your thoughts and opinions but stand a chance to win a personal brand wardrobe analysis and wardrobe declutter session valued at R4 000. Gentlemen, this one is for the ladies only.


Mendes explains the importance of not undervaluing your style in your rise to success. “Your style and wardrobe can have a massive influence on how you feel every time you walk into that boardroom or face a room where you are one of a few ladies.


“I would like to gauge how this affects each lady and how they use their wardrobe as one of the tools in their rise to the top. It is easy to overlook the power of style to assist you as you climb the corporate ladder or relegate it to secondary status when you work in a male-dominated world. I would, however, like to hear this directly from you and have created a survey specifically for this.”


Mendes aims to create an opportunity for every lady who understands the importance of their wardrobe in becoming a confident and stylish powerhouse in the workplace, to learn more about fashion and enhance how one uses it. “I welcome every lady to contact me to gain exclusive access to inspiration, tips, and insights to feel more confident in their wardrobe. Be sure to keep an eye open for our online training that will also help achieve your desired results with your style and wardrobe. I look forward to hearing from you in the survey.”



If you would like to contact Skye Mendes visit her website at, call 084 277 7988 or email


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