5 tips to get the best deals on flights


As business expenses continue to soar, an area where many are trying to cut costs is with business travel. New forms of communication are also making the world much smaller, making travel unnecessary. Yet, in instances where travel is unavoidable, the challenge is to find the cheapest flights.


By Samantha Greathead

General manger of corporate at Flight Centre SA, Eric Sakawsky, says there are a number of things you can do to reduce costs when booking flights. Follow these tips to find the cheapest flights:

  1. Book in advance

The further in advance you book, the better the deal. “If you book only a few weeks in advance, prices can be considerably higher. Up to 90% of the time you will save money booking in advance,” says Sakawsky.

  1. Book within optimal time periods

There are certain time periods during which you are likely to find the best deals. “Book international flights between 120 and 150 days in advance, and domestic flights 30 to 60 days in advance. Business travellers, however, do not always have the luxury which is why it is  important to get a ticket with flexible rules.”

  1. Join frequent flyer clubs

You can also join frequent flyer mile programmes. Sakawsky says while these may not necessarily get you discounts or cheaper flights, they can make you eligible for upgrades and more likely to get access to lounges and special treatment.  This is always a bonus on business travel.

  1. Look beyond online

Do not immediately assume deals offered online are the same as ones offered in store at travel agents. A lot of the time you get good deals online but sometimes you do not. Domestic flights are all fairly similar but with international flights you often get better deals in store.

  1. Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday

In Sakawsky’s experience flights tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. “This doesn’t apply across all airlines and destinations but there are some airlines which are significantly cheaper. In most instances you need to depart or return on Tuesday or Wednesday to save money.”

The next time you need to go on business travel, do not forget to follow these tips. You can benefit from considerable cost savings to help your business cope with these expenses which can be astorno0mically high.

Sourced from Succeed magazine

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