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Cargo vehicle or the small business owner

Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo

Hyundai’s option for small business owners has been revised to include a 1202 litre cargo area with security barriers across the windows. It is the perfect cargo vehicle for businesses such as groomers, retailers and service providers like plumbers.

Hyundai grand i10 cargo

There are two derivatives in the range, a 1 litre and 1,25 litre. On a few occasions the car struggled somewhat and required slightly revs higher to build speed evenly. The 1.25L has a power output of 64 kW with torque of 120 Nm.


The claimed fuel consumption is 5.9l/100km. We achieved 6.2L/100km with a range of different driving conditions. For a struggling small business, fuel consumption could be improved.


The information panel also indicates when to change gears to achieve the best fuel economy. At times, you could reach 4500rpm before it indicated a shift. A trained driver could likely achieve better economy changing the gears of their own accord.


Good for the driver

Even though the entire boot and backseat is a dedicated cargo area, there is still enough space for the driver to carry other items. A laptop bag can easily fit behind the seat and the security barriers keep it safe from criminals outside. I might not, however, feel as comfortable about it being so visible when parking the car.


Good for the business

The seats and divider between the boot and rear have been removed and replaced with a sturdy, metal cargo area that can fit a fair quantity of items. The ability to access the area from both of the doors and boot is handy.  There is also a cargo net to help secure the items. The security barriers could be quite squeaky at times.


A great cargo vehicle for small businesses and the bonus? It is very affordable.


Cargo vehicle or the small to medium sized business

Crafter 50 Panel Van

The Crafter is a remarkably well-equipped vehicle – catering for the SME business owner who requires more than a truck with a canopy but something to carry company branding proudly. Additionally, it is ideally suited for town driving with some highway work.


The driver does need a C1 licence as it is over 3500 GVM. Yet, its size and a cavernous parcel area make it worth paying extra for a driver with that licence.


The Crafter has a 75-litre fuel tank and generous loading capacity ranging between 10.7m3 and 17.5m3. The payload capacity goes up to 2.5 tons and its longest loading spaces of 4.6m is one of the longest in its class. Loading from the back is made easy through two rear wing doors or through the left-hand side, 1.3m wide sliding door. A right-hand sliding door is optional as well.


The flexibility and practicality of the Crafter makes it suitable for various applications. It’s 340 Nm of torque, makes even the bulkiest loads feel light. There is a 3.5-ton GVM version and a 5-ton GVM version.


The test vehicle was the smaller of the two and proved a delight to drive. No matter your business or how tough the job, the VW Crafter offers the ideal solution to meet your transportation requirements.


One facet of the drive is to do with safety. As legislation requires, these vehicles are fitted with speed governors to limit top speeds to 100km/h. That, however, could possibly cause unintentional danger.


While overtaking a vehicle, it sped up when the Crafter was alongside – accelerating only resulted in topping out at 100km/h. Fortunately, this was on a dual lane road. This could be much more dangerous on a single carriageway.


Cab ergonomics are practical allowing ease of use to support the crew in their daily work. Standard interior features include power steering, heat-insulating glass, electric windows, radio preparation and door pockets. A number of optional features are available as well.


All in all, a practical if not somewhat large vehicle.


Model Range

Crafter 35 Panel Van MWB

Crafter 50 Panel Van LWB

Crafter 50 Panel Van LWB with overhang



Vehicle Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo Crafter 50 Panel Van
Engine 1 or 1.25 litre 2.0 TDI
Cylinders 4 4
Transmission 5-speed manual 6-speed manual
Max power 64 kW 103 kW
Max torque 120 Nm 340 Nm
Fuel efficiency 5.9L/100km 7.5L/100km
Bluetooth functionality 5 stars 5 stars
Steering controls Yes No
Electric windows Yes Yes
Cargo space 1 202 L Up to 2.5 tons

Loading capacity: between 10.7m3 and 17.5m3

Loading space: 4.6m

Safety ABS



Seatbelt warning

Front and side impact beams


Brake assist

Crosswind assist

Multi-collision braking

Traction control



Seatbelt warning

Extra safety technology available

Price R 184 900 R652 200
Warranties Standard 5-year /150 000 km 2-year unlimited warranty

12-year anti-corrosion warranty


Service plan 2-year/30 000 km 5 year/120 000km


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