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A major crisis that has resulted due to the extended lockdown is an increase in the number of people who are facing hunger. South Africans have banded together to try and assist where possible. One such initiative is that being run by ward councillor of Ward 23 in Mulbarton, Sarah Wissler, and her team. She has been leading a project to get businesses to work together to generate food and resources to feed the hungry.


When MasterDrive heard about the efforts being made by Councillor Wissler, the company decided to contribute in its own way. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “We decided to donate to the initiative from reserve funds. This motivated the entire team to play their part and each MasterDrive employee also contributed to the cause from their own incomes.


“We are aware of the very fortunate position that our company is in. While the last few months and for some time to come, business will be much more difficult than pre-COVID-19 circumstances, we are appreciative that 99% of the team members are still with us. We are also aware that many other people have not been as fortunate. There are also people that were facing difficult situations even before the current economic challenges who are now in dire need of assistance.”


This initiative forms part of a larger commitment to make a difference to the hunger faced by many South Africans. “As part of our Nelson Mandela Day initiative we delivering a basic meal to those in need. We are committed to making a difference to the community in which we operate. All these initiatives give us an opportunity to meet this commitment, for which we are grateful,” says Herbert.


Councillor Wissler has expressed appreciation for the roles that various businesses and community members have played in making this possible. “A very big thank you to every company that has made a donation toward those in need. The kindness of each will go a long way in helping those we are trying to assist who are seriously affected by COVID-19.


“We have aided people who were retrenched, the animals at JSPCA and many others in need. With the help of an amazing team we spent long days putting hampers together. We have also faced great challenges when we were unable to get all that we needed to feed all the people that depend on us. Despite this, we have overcome all challenges, and distribution days have been successful and gratifying,” says Wissler.


If you would like to get involved in any of the initiatives that MasterDrive or Councillor Wissler are spearheading, please email us for more information at with Food Drive in the subject line.


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