MasterDrive strengthens cybersecurity


In March 2020, there was a 400% increase in threats to cybersecurity. While it has always been a concern that companies need to pay attention to, COVID-19 has increased the need to take threats to cybersecurity very seriously as virtual interaction grows.


MasterDrive has paid heed to this change and has undertaken upgrades to their cybersecurity. An active firewall has been installed on the telephone PABX system that ensures that there is no exposure to security threats on the telephone lines. Consequently, client’s contact information is protected and safeguarded from potential threats.


In an age when threats to one’s cybersecurity are one of the greatest concerns, MasterDrive has prioritised it and taken extensive steps to ensure that clients are protected. MasterDrive wants their clients to feel confident and secure when interacting with them.


If you would like more information or an official confirmation of the measures taken, please contact MasterDrive by email


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