Wonderboom’s own show set to impress


The Airlink Adrenalin Wonderboom Airport Show 2017 is going to be an event of note. The media were treated to an exclusive sneak peak at some of the aerobatic and motoring acts being performed. Last year’s show won the award for air show of the year and this year even more will be added to the show.


MMC of Transport in Tshwane Sheila Senkubuge

The show is now an important part of the Tshwane events calendar. The MMC of Transport in Tshwane,  Sheila Senkubuge showed their support of the event. “It is an excellent opportunity to bring all the different stakeholders together. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the airport.”

Something else visitors can look forward to is the presence of the South African Air Force (SAAF). “We are pleased that SAAF will be present this year. We are confident the show will be excellent and visitors have a lot to look forward to. The SAAF brings a new level to the show this year,” says the Executive Manager of Airlink Cargo, Alwyn Rautenback.

One of the directors of the show, Christian Maiorana, adds that the wonder of the show is that it is not just an air show. “It is in a class of its own. We use different disciplines like no other show does. Even the acts are different from other shows. Many of our ideas come from the USA. Another first, which is going to be a major highlight of the show, is a motorbike back flip over an aircraft. It is going to be Tshwane’s own ‘super event.’”

Keep an eye out for the Silver Falcons, Gripen fighter jet and Arrow the skydiving anti-poaching dog. What else to expect from the line-up:

Airlink Adrenalin Wonderboom Airport Show

Airlink Adrenalin Wonderboom Airport Show

  • Aerobatics
  • Motor racing
  • Super bikes
  • Stunt flying
  • Parachuting
  • Mbombe armoured vehicles
  • Combat vehicles

If this show appeals to you, you can catch it from 10 to 11 June at Wonderboom Airport. Tickets cost between R125 and R300 and can be bought online.

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