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How an arrest will change your life

The Audi driver who recorded himself driving 308km/h was arrested this weekend while he was at a funeral. While he was reaching those speeds, his adrenaline was likely peaked at a high and, giving him the benefit of the doubt, the driver was probably was not thinking of the consequences of his actions.   The […]

Driving expressions: Peugeot 5008 – A true makeover

It is true that Peugeot does not generate a massive following in South Africa but, for those motorists who are not just blind followers and not merely concerned with what the neighbour owns or what will have best value at the point where disposal is imminent, the 5008 is an option to consider.   Those […]

Holiday road fatalities in perspective

When a Boeing 737 crashed in Iran at the beginning of January, 176 people were killed. The incident dominated headlines and much grief was expressed over the needless tragedy. Many South Africans are among those left shaken by the incident but what they may not realise is that an even bigger tragedy was suffered in […]

Weekday Wit

A penny for every time I recently went through US Customs and the officer asked the standard, “Do you have more than $10 000 cash on you?” I responded: “I wish! Haha!” Her response: “If I had a penny for everyone who cracked that joke in front of me, I’d have the $10 000 by […]