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Driving expressions: the VW Amarok

The VW Amarok 6 – of the best The jokes are varied and many when it comes to the 2000cc Amarok’scapabilities – well that’s a thing of the past given VW’s latest offering.   This V6 had its work cut out for it as I have had the 4Motion Amarok for over a year and […]

Weekday Wit

Got you! In Ireland, a mental institution picks two of it’s most reformed patients and questions them every year. If they get the questions right, they can leave. This year the two lucky patients are Patty and Mike. They were called to the office and told to wait as the doctor fetched their files. The […]

Driving in Kenya

Recently I went to Kenya and Uganda to conduct training. When landed at the airport in the late evening, we found one out of all the Kenyan drivers that was willing to drive us to our hotel. It was a mere 25km away, just before the city centre in Kenya.   In my head, I estimated […]

Quick Tip: What the law says

What is the purpose of having different roads with different speed limits? Some roads are within communities and a higher speed limit poses a serious danger to the lives of the community members. Much higher speed limits are on highways or freeways because they are far from communities. As such, section 59 and 60 of […]