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Get acquainted with South African roads

You are about to travel overseas and you already have your international driving license so your transport preparations are complete, right?  Various studies suggest this may not be quite enough to develop driver familiarisation. In New Zealand, there are less tourist vehicles, but the percentage of accidents involving tourists is much higher. In the UK […]

Cape Town like a capetonian

Weekends in Cape Town are all about beach braais with friends, family walks in Newlands Forest with the dogs, fish fresh off the sea, spices cooking over the sound of laughter, moonlit hikes on Lion’s Head and mountains rolling in mist. There’s more to the city than The Mountain (though a Saturday hike up our […]

Yellow lane driving debunked

There is a common perception amongst motorists that cars have right of way over trucks. Unfortunately, many motorists believe truck drivers are obligated to move out of the way of faster vehicles. This results in dangerous yellow lane driving to make way for cars.   To clarify this issue it is important to look at […]

Suzuki wins awards

Suzuki received two significant awards at the CAR Magazine Top 12 Best Buys Awards this week. These will now take their place on the company mantelpiece next to their awards received at the WesBank / Consumer Awards in January.   At CAR Magazine’s gala banquet, which also celebrated its 60th birthday, Suzuki received a […]