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Quick tips: What the law says…

What do the rules say about where to drive on a public road? There are rules on where a vehicle should be driven on the road. In terms of Regulation 296(1) of the National Road Traffic Act Regulations of 17 March 2000, any person driving a vehicle on a public road shall do so by […]

A great time at the 1000 Bike Show

On a cold miserable Sunday morning, I decided to head off to the 1000 Bike Show at Germiston High School. I dialled in the GPS coordinates and was off.   Upon arrival at my destination I was greeted by a lonesome security guard. The venue is now at a new destination two blocks down. A bit […]

Drivers, don’t be fooled by windows

Glass is glass – right? WRONG!!   Many drivers appreciate – as do fleet managers –the value of using the correct windscreens, particularly when involved in a crash. Some, however, are not so ‘fussy’ when it comes to the side windows of vehicles when replacing this glass sacrificing their ability to provide sun protection.   […]

Driving expressions: the Toyota fortuner

FAME & FORTUNER   If its fame you are after, you will -in all probability- not go for the Toyota Fortuner. But if you wish to have a fortunate experience, particularly off road, then this would be your vehicle of choice.   While the vehicle tested was essentially the same as the launch model, there […]