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No room for boredom in the boardroom

Our resident superbike trainer and weekend fan, Derek Kirkby, gives us his views on the Kawasaki ZZR -ZX 14 By Derek Kirkby The ZZR -ZX 14 easily bridges the gap between superbike, efficient for road riding, while still catering for the ‘hooligan’ element in our driving. Powerful it is, with ample traction even when laying […]

Today I discovered taxi drivers are actually people…

Today, in the crazy rain, while being chauffeured by my taxi driver I was watching and listening to everyone chatting away, oblivious to the fact that right now we are being driven by one of the most hated men in the country.   By Ethel Mohale The problem is, no matter how much of a […]

Local travel: The hidden gems of South Africa

Iconic landmarks in South Africa draw hundreds of people, both locally and internationally, each year. Table Mountain has been inaugurated as one of the new wonders of the world and eight official heritage sites can be found in South Africa. Yet, the country is also home to some hidden gems which are well worth taking […]

Quick tips: What the law says

 What is the purpose of using emergency park lights when my car has broken down and is parked on the side of the road? This is to warn other road users of a stationary vehicle ahead and to drive accordingly. Regulation 162 of the National Road Traffic Act Regulations of 17 March 2000, no person shall park […]