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Travelling with pets

Over the festive period, a family was involved in a crash that resulted in the death of three passengers. Three dogs were also travelling in one of the cars and following the accident, two dogs were missing and one was dead. While the dogs have since been found, the remaining human and animal family members […]

Sam says it ticks all the boxes

Suzuki released a new look Baleno with a number of upgrades to the exterior, interior and its specifications. It needs little else to make it a competitive and appealing option in the segment.   From my first interaction with the Baleno, it is a car that I have had a lot of respect for because […]

Driving and skin cancer

Cancer affects the lives of many people. While there is nothing you can do to prevent certain types of cancer, there are some where you can take preventative measures. Such measures are often required if you spend a fair amount of time driving.   As part of World Cancer Day last week, the managing director […]

Weekday Wit

Depression While shopping for a bathroom scale, a lady finds one that tracks not only weight but also body fat, bone mass, and water percentage. Instead she chooses a low-tech model. She explains, “I don’t need to be depressed four ways; one is quite enough.”   Clear evidence A lawyer cross-examines a doctor about whether […]