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The next step in Volvo’s new look

Volvo has just debuted the next car in their ‘New Dawn’ renaissance line. The Volvo S90 is the second in the local launch which started in 2015 with the launch of the Volvo XC90. The S90 is intended to be a continuation of the new look, new feel and new luxury Volvo brand in South […]

A safe start to the new school year

As parents get ready to kick off the new school year, it is also time to find a safe and reliable means of transport for their children. In November of 2016, amendments were made to the National Road Traffic Regulation forbidding the transport of children in the goods compartment of vehicles for reward. Many are […]

New year, new traffic jams

Following some well-deserved time at home or on holiday, you may have forgotten just how bad the traffic to and from work can be. Added to this, the first few weeks of the year are notorious for being even busier than usual. Now is a good time to refresh your memory of some the most […]

Get ready for the first rains

Weather reports in Gauteng are forecasting the first rains of the season will fall this weekend. While this is good news for the environment, it also presents new challenges for drivers with reduced tyre traction and visibility. Oil and grease collect on the roads during a dry season making the roads even more slippery and […]