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Triple threat: types of distracted driving

Removing the threat of distracted driving involves understanding the complexities of this habit. It cannot be minimised to just answering a call while driving. Driving while distracted is much more complex which could be why it is proving to be such a challenge to change.   The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says internationally, April […]

World premier of new VW Polo

Volkswagen has premiered their new generation Polo. It is now digitally connected, innovative and intelligent like no polo before. The VW Polo includes extensive, never-seen-before equipment and digital structure. Drivers will definitely have fun with it.   VW anticipates the Polo will continue to win the hearts and minds of their customers. It comes with […]

Another successful colloquium

MasterDrive concluded their second virtual colloquium for 2021 with resounding success. The exceptional line-up of speakers shared thought-provoking information from their fields of expertise that painted a picture of how operations were affected in the last year. MasterDrive was proud to partner with Ctrack for this colloquium.   The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says […]

Weekday Wit

(Bad) fortune cookie Sad after the funeral of a friend, a couple go to a Chinese restaurant for a pick-me-up. The feel-good session ended when the husband reads the fortune cookie: “You will soon be reunited with a good friend.”   Simple math Math teacher: If I have three bottles in one hand and two […]