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How to deal with aggressive drivers

Even with expanded highways designed to accommodate the needs of the growing vehicle population, it seems that the infrastructure isn’t coping. When  combined with the stress associated with an ailing economy, this brings out some road rage drivers. For commercial drivers that means more people on the roads, more congestion, and more frustration as they […]

Sam says it brakes well

One of the most anticipated improvements to the latest model of the Renault Kwid is the addition of ABS. Neglecting to include this was seen as one the biggest downfalls of the previous model, especially for entry-level car buyers.   As vehicle safety is a major focus at MasterTorque, we decided to take the Kwid, […]

A comprehensive fleet management solution

Imagine if you could manage every aspect of your fleet from one place. MasterDrive has partnered with SaFleet, which is a fleet management platform that allows you to do exactly that. The software monitors every aspect of your fleet, from telematics to drivers in need of training, and allows you to quickly and easily keep […]

Weekday Wit

Bell ringing A church needs to find a new bell-ringer. A guy with no arms says he can do it. “But you’ve got no arms!” everyone exclaims. He says “I’ll use my mouth.” So he uses his mouth to ring the bell and goes flying out of the window because the bell is so heavy. As he […]