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MasterTorque had the opportunity to test the limited BMW 330is Edition last year but by that point the sedan had already sold out in South Africa. If you missed the boat and you still want the 330is Edition the pre-owned market is where you’ll have to get it now.


The BMW 330is Edition was launched to pay homage to the iconic BMW 325is or in South African terms the Gusheshe. A quick look at the second-hand market shows that of the 230 originally manufactured there are not many currently available. Perhaps its new owners are hoping it will become as legendary as its inspiration.


The drive

How different or unique is the 330is Edition to the other options available in the three series line? Ultimately, it is only a sports exhaust that sets it apart. It makes use of the BMW 330i powertrain providing power via a 2L, 4-cylinder engine. This has an output of 190 kW of power and 400 Nm of torque.


Thus, if you are looking for a 330is that pays homage to the true spirit of the BMW 325is, you’re not going to get an inline 6 in the 330is Edition. This, however, in no way means that the car does not perform well and meet expectations. It has plenty of speed and responsiveness to offer its drivers with an abundance of torque that makes sure it performs in all scenarios.


The new 330is Edition has an 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission. It is designed to cut fuel usage. We did not quite benefit from this feature fully. The claimed fuel consumption is set at 6.4L/100km. We only managed to achieve 10.7L/100km which was not that impressive and quite far off the claimed consumption. Admittedly, not that much effort was put into driving as efficiently as I normally try to. Some research showed others managed to get better consumption, around the 8L/100km mark.


Thus, while the 330is Edition pays homage to the BMW 325is, it is mostly in name. Depending on who you are, this is not necessarily bad. The 330is Edition is an absolutely effortless car to drive. There is not a driving scenario where it doesn’t perform well. Whether you are driving in stop/start traffic in town or on the open road, it is a comfortable, confident and precise car to have on the road.


In particular, I also found it an incredibly fun and enjoyable car to drive. The performance is so effortless, it’s almost as if it responds as you think of something. Perhaps the 330is Edition is a mind-reader.



The 330is Edition is a four-door sedan that pulls off the sporty appearance to a T. It features M Sport bumpers, spoilers and skirts, blacked-out detailing, and M Performance 20-inch alloy wheels.


While the car is marketed as a limited edition, it is strikingly similar to the 320d. So, if the design of the car is what you were after, or a main consideration in your purchasing decision, you can still get a similar car in the 320d if you are struggling to get your hands on the 330is Edition.


The interior

There is one word to describe the interior of the car and that is luxury. All passengers can enjoy leather-lined seats, trimmings everywhere that remind you that you’re in a 330is Edition and a host of features that come as standard. These include a sliding glass sunroof, contrast stitching on the seats, ambient lighting, gesture control and the BMW Live Cockpit Professional to name a few.



Cars highly appreciated at MasterTorque are those that prioritise safety. The 330is Edition is a five-star Euro NCAP vehicle. You can expect stability control, ABS with automated emergency breaking, six airbags, ISOFix child seat anchors, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. Note, however, not all of this is included as standard.


If a successor to the Gusheshe is what you are after in the BMW 330is Edition, you could be disappointed. This, however, does not mean it is not an excellent car to drive in any way. It is a stylish, confident, effortless and most of all enjoyable car to drive.


Time will tell if it will gain the reputation that the Gusheshe did. If the nameplates isn’t one of the main reasons that you’re buying the BMW 330is Edition, you could carefully select other options within the 3-series range that give you just as great an experience. Granted, if you look at the pre-owned cars for sale, you will notice that their prices are very similar (extras not considered) to what they were bought for. Could this be an indication of where the 330is edition will be in the future?


Good to know

The specs

Engine: 2L, 4-cylinder

Transmission: eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission

Power: 190 kW

Torque. 400 Nm

Fuel consumption: 6,4L/100km

Price: starting from R 899 000

Warranty: 2 year/unlimited km warranty and 5 year/100 000 km maintenance plan


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