Business opportunities for women in transport


In celebration of Transport Month 2019, The Chartered institute of Logistics and Transport in South Africa (CILTSA), in collaboration with leading women’s groups in the industry, is hosting an event specially catering for women. The Business Opportunities for Women in Transport and Logistics aims to achieve a number of objectives, chief amongst these the creation of tangible opportunities that women can partake of.


According to the executive director of CILTSA, Catherine Larkin, the event will bring industry organisations, that focus on women in transport, together. “We created the event to inform women about real and tangible business opportunities available in the industry. In order for the attendees to obtain the greatest value we will also highlight what the compliance requirements are for some organisations.


“Other benefits that the ladies will benefit from are discussions on the various challenges women encounter in accessing the opportunities and how to overcome them. We will provide a platform for women to network and collaborate on various business opportunities. There are many other benefits that attendees can look forward to,” says Larkin.


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, will be presenting at the event. “We look forward to assessing the role of road safety in the transport industry and not only the change that a focus on this can bring about but the opportunities that it presents as well. As seen at our own Transport Month event, we value the role that women play in the industry. Consequently, we have an exciting initiative in store that we believe will greatly benefit many women that operate within the sector,” says Herbert.


It is with the support of certain organisations that the event will reach greater audiences and success:

  • African Women in Supply Chain Association (AWISCA)
  • SA National Women in Transport (SANWIT)
  • Tshwane Women in Transport (TWIT)
  • Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT)
  • Women in Trucking

This event is one of a few to focus on women in the industry. “It is encouraging to see the partnering of so many organisations for the benefit of women in the transport industry. The theme of this inaugural event is ‘Get Informed. Get Connected. Get Moving!


“The event provides a platform for women to interact with several membership-based organisations focusing on women in the transport industry. This is while connecting women with industry leaders and experts, all committed to increasing the opportunities for women in the transport industry. Each attendee has story to tell and knowledge to share. So, ‘Get Informed! Get Connected! Get Moving!’”


Spaces are limited but if you would like to find out if there are any seats open, contact CILTSA by visiting

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