MasterDrive Tips


Distracted driver training?

A priority for most fleet managers is ensuring their drivers maintain concentration on the road at all times by impressing the danger of driving while distracted (DWD) on them. A poignant example of the danger of DWD is statistics released in USA in 2020. Distracted driving was responsible for 8.1% of all fatalities that year […]

Get winter ready

The time of year has already come where you may find your morning or evening commute disrupted by the glare of the sun shining in your face. Take this risk seriously as statistics in the USA estimate that the glare from the sun causes approximately 9 000 crashes a year and is the second most common […]

Truck hijackings soar

The latest crime statistics revealed a big jump in hijacking, causing concern for many. In particular truck hijacking saw an increase of over 900%, going from a 3.8% increase the previous quarter to a 31.4% increase. It is also the crime that saw the second biggest increase in the most current stats.   The CEO […]

Fuel price hike vs. greater consumption

When the government instituted relief for the rapidly rising fuel price previously, it was a two-month program that effectively delayed increases but did not do away with it altogether. Thus, June was supposed to be the month where these delayed increases were to come into effect. A further delay was granted but fuel prices are […]