MasterDrive Tips


Lessen loadshedding woes

While loadshedding was temporarily suspended, motorists can still expect it to make an unwelcome return in the near future. If you are still making your way to the office everyday or spend time on the roads throughout the day, this is what you can do to ensure you stay safe on the roads despite congestion […]

MasterTorque: the annual edition

Each year MasterDrive produces the MasterTorque annual magazine. Due to the challenges created by COVID-19, the latest edition can be enjoyed in a purely digital format.   As you head into 2021, the magazine will become your go-to guide as businesses navigate their way out of the challenges created by the pandemic.   Below is […]

Technology contributes to road safety

Advancements in automotive technology not only result in vehicles that present the ultimate driving experience, but vehicles that help drivers avoid crashes. This is particularly important among fleets that can lose hundreds of thousands in a year due to collisions from a minor bumper bashing to major write-offs.   The next time you upgrade the […]

What to do in a crash

As families set off to their annual holidays, no driver wants to think about the possibility of being involved in a car crash. The unfortunate truth is that it can still happen, despite your best efforts to avoid it. Now imagine a scene where you are hundreds of kilometres from home with a damaged car […]