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How to share the roads with farm equipment

Farm equipment on country roads presents several hazards fleet drivers need to be aware of It is part of many business’s activities to drive on dirt roads in the course of their business as it may involve installation and servicing of equipment to serve, amongst others, the telecommunications industry. During the course of these travels […]

Distraction – it comes down to culture

How many drivers really understand distraction? Why it matters? Think distraction just relates to the ‘illegal’ use of a cell phone whilst driving? My employer supplies a car, and cradle so surely, I can use it anywhere, anytime? The list goes on…   Distraction is such a complex issue that many road users often underestimate […]

Urban survival skills

Last month one man was seriously injured and another was killed following hijacking incidents. The risk of hijacking has always been a major concern in South Africa and often has tragic consequences for many families. The question many South Africans ask themselves how can we keep ourselves safe should we face a hijacking?   The […]

Flu medication and driving

What is believed to be a new strain of the H1N1 flu virus is making its rounds through the South African public at a considerable speed. Close contact and office heating make offices breeding grounds for illnesses. If you are one of the people who has been affected by colds or flu this winter, you […]