MasterDrive Tips


Supporting essential truck drivers

As the South African nation does their best to follow lockdown regulations and flatten the COVID-19 curve, there are a number of people who continue to work through this time. Amongst the essential service workers on the road are the drivers delivering essential goods to shops and healthcare workers. Many of these drivers may be […]

Looking after your car during lockdown

If your family or the cars in your fleet will not be used for the duration of the lockdown, it is advisable to take steps to prevent facing dead batteries once the lockdown is lifted. In addition to this, dirty cars, empty tanks and many other factors need to be considered as you lock up […]

The danger of cracks and chips

If you have a crack or chip in your windscreen that you have not yet repaired, it might be time to do so as winter looms. Cracks in a windscreen can be affected by all weather but in winter, cold temperatures make the windscreen more concave and consequently place more pressure on the crack. One […]

Driving during lockdown

Drivers who need to head out onto the roads during lockdown, will encounter a very different scenario to what they are accustomed to. In particular, there will be a lot less vehicles than normal and likely more law enforcement.   The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says that while one may assume the roads […]