MasterDrive Tips


Travelling with pets

Over the festive period, a family was involved in a crash that resulted in the death of three passengers. Three dogs were also travelling in one of the cars and following the accident, two dogs were missing and one was dead. While the dogs have since been found, the remaining human and animal family members […]

[Watch] Avoid accidents using defensive driving

With a companies’ fleet drivers racking up 30 000 km or more each year, it is prudent for fleet owners to make sure avoiding accidents / collisions is a top priority.   A conservative estimate of the annual accident rate for commercial fleets sits at around 20%. It is even higher for some specific industries. […]

Good drivers begin early

As school begins this week, drivers will contend with more traffic whether you are a parent or not. The first day of school, in particular, is busier as parents drop their children off for their first day of primary or high school. As parents battle increased traffic and driving challenges, they should remember their young […]

Driving resolutions

As the New Year begins many people make resolutions to improve their health, finances and well-being. Something that can negatively impact each of these is your driving habits. If you are inclined to drive recklessly or do not employ defensive driving, it can negatively impact the resolutions you make.   The managing director of MasterDrive, […]