MasterDrive Tips


Car washes and vehicle technology

Automotive technology can cause problems when a vehicle moves through a car wash.   We all appreciate the benefits of modern technology, particularly when they make for safer driving. Few, if any however, take time to reflect on what could happen if those systems ate compromised.   Commercial vehicles are no exception as they need to […]

Drivers, are you conspicuous enough?

As a driver, protect your view and maintain your conspicuity! Even in normal weather, it is possible for vehicles (dependent on colour) to become harder to see if they pass from sunlight to shade, or pass through a cloud of smoke or dust. And in low light visibility, or in high-contrast lighting, things can quickly […]

How to deal with aggressive drivers

Even with expanded highways designed to accommodate the needs of the growing vehicle population, it seems that the infrastructure isn’t coping. When  combined with the stress associated with an ailing economy, this brings out some road rage drivers. For commercial drivers that means more people on the roads, more congestion, and more frustration as they […]

How to share the roads with farm equipment

Farm equipment on country roads presents several hazards fleet drivers need to be aware of It is part of many business’s activities to drive on dirt roads in the course of their business as it may involve installation and servicing of equipment to serve, amongst others, the telecommunications industry. During the course of these travels […]