MasterDrive Tips


Bad driving habits

We all tend to think that we are pretty good drivers, until  we get someone else’s  opinion. Here are 10 of the most interesting psychological biases and errors we face when behind the wheel.   We fail to realise when we’re being aggressive – or we don’t care We’ve all had the experience of a […]

Looking abroad to increase road safety

Many European countries have some of the lowest road fatality rates. While there are many reasons for this, from better resources to more respect for road laws, one reason is the limitations placed on driving times of commercial drivers. South Africa does not have similar restrictions but fleet managers should look to the example set […]

Car washes and vehicle technology

Automotive technology can cause problems when a vehicle moves through a car wash.   We all appreciate the benefits of modern technology, particularly when they make for safer driving. Few, if any however, take time to reflect on what could happen if those systems ate compromised.   Commercial vehicles are no exception as they need to […]

Drivers, are you conspicuous enough?

As a driver, protect your view and maintain your conspicuity! Even in normal weather, it is possible for vehicles (dependent on colour) to become harder to see if they pass from sunlight to shade, or pass through a cloud of smoke or dust. And in low light visibility, or in high-contrast lighting, things can quickly […]