MasterDrive Tips


Cellphones take lives

International statistics say that crashes are the number one cause of workplace injury and fatalities. It is estimated at least 25% of these crashes are due to cellphone use. Yet, as it is often difficult to prove that one was using their phones before a crash, it is believed this number is three times higher […]

Strike alert!

Recently, South Africans across the country have been dealing with an increased number of strikes that are disrupting traffic. As people are resuming regular economic activities, one would like to avoid being caught up in any of the protest action and consequently lose more valuable time. If, however, this is unavoidable, there are tips to […]

Balancing safety and productivity

While an organisation may have strict safety policies in place, ensuring that this policy is followed can be another, more complicated, task. While a driver is in the car, without anyone looking over them, the temptation to quickly look at that text may be more powerful than your safety policy. Many drivers may wonder ‘what […]

Microsleep danger

With the start of level one lockdown restrictions, many more people have returned to the roads and their way of life before measures were taken to control the virus. This is after six months of working from home. A return to normal life may create more fatigue on the roads as drivers re-adapt.   The […]