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Water and love in Venice

Venice is the city of love and beauty according to the movies. In reality, it is not far off. Nothing can quite compare to a city without roads, where the main form of transportation are boats and the quaint little bridges over the canals. If you ever plan to visit Italy, Venice should be on […]

How to tour the Kruger National Park like a local

The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s major tourist attractions, especially for visitors from overseas. Yet, locals can derive just as much enjoyment from this natural wonder as international guests. This is how you can tour the KNP like a local.   Accommodation Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get accommodation in […]

On the right side of exchange rates

One of the greatest challenges faced by South African travellers is the unfavourable exchange rate. A coffee in the UK can cost you over R50 if you are lucky. Yet, there are many gems across the world where we have a favourable exchange rate. Visit one of these destinations to be on the right side […]

25 places to see before you die

There are places all over the world that inspire with their history, beauty and uniqueness and seeing these is a once in a life-time experience. Every avid traveller undoubtedly has a list of dream destinations. If you have yet to make yours, here are 25 places to travel to and see before you die.   […]