Collaborating for success


Many organisations have come to the conclusion that the rewards of collaboration far outstrip the benefits of ‘going it alone.’


MasterDrive and Accident Specialists entered into a cooperation agreement that will see greater synergy between the two organisations. This cooperation will positively contribute toward ensuring that road safety stays a top focus point.


In the opinion of Craig Proctor-Parker, MD of Accident Specialists, his expertise provided meaningful insight as to what may have caused an accident and how interventions – more specifically training – could have possibly prevented the occurrence. Proctor-Parker’s expertise and deep insight has allowed MasterDrive to ‘fine tune’ aspects of their training so that participants walk away from a training session with a realisation that behaviour needs to change.


In the view of MasterDrive, it is vital that drivers have a change in behavior (for which 95% of crashes are attributed) when driving on SA roads, and engaging with other motorists. Eugene Herbert CEO of Masterdrive readily admits to the fact that we have a major problem on our roads and that the key component – behaviour – has to change. “With the collaboration of Accident Specialists, training now can talk more accurately to the ‘science’ behind accidents and therefore achieve even better results moving forward.”


The two companies proudly boast to the fact they have been around for over two decades and therefore have a keen understanding of what is needed in order reduce the number of fatalities on our roads.


While there is a collective benefit, clients from both organisations can now access the best of both worlds in formulating policy and more significantly work toward reducing the cost of crashes which can be as much as 30% more than that of the actual repairs.


In order to deliver on their commitment and collaboration, the companies share premises in Kloof in KZN.


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