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President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday that lockdown will be extended until the end of April. While this is necessary to continue the relatively slow increase in new cases compared to many other countries, this creates many challenges for businesses. MasterDrive is prepared to handle the challenges this presents with their eLearning offering, MasterClass.


Once South Africans return to work, the pressure will be on to make up for lost income and meet targets that were impossible to meet during lockdown. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says: “MasterDrive is providing their eLearning offering to companies to assist them in meeting their health and safety requirements.


“Drivers can complete the practical component of the course during the lockdown so that once lockdown ends, the practical in-car session can be completed. Companies have the power to still meet their health and safety requirements even with the 35-day interruption in operations. While lockdown is necessary for the health and safety of the entire country, health and safety requirements for when work resumes cannot be neglected either.”


Once lockdown is lifted, however, MasterDrive is also prepared for the changes that this will entail. “Lockdown measures will be lifted gradually and the way that people interact will likely be forever changed. As such the preparations that MasterDrive put in place following the first address from the President, such as making hand sanitisers available, will stay in place for the foreseeable future.


“Our aim is to protect the working environment of our trainers and provide peace of mind to both trainers and our customers. After an event that has altered the way the entire world operates, change is inevitable. Yet, rather than see this as something negative, the MasterDrive team is working together to make the most of this change and bring about positivity during this challenging time,” says Herbert.


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