Coronavirus (COVID-19) experience in SOWETO


SOWETO the biggest township in South Africa has been through turbulent times with coronavirus (COVID-19) in the picture. The situation is disturbing every living thing and the systems that drive its culture. The people have even coined a satirical term for the virus, it is now referred to as ‘Coved’ derived from COVID and the mask which is meant to serve as a protective device is now also termed ‘Lockdown’; there is humour here with the people despite their everyday struggles. Life as we know it in SOWETO hasn’t been easy ever since the announcement of the pandemic, the Lockdown and its rules thereof.


The view with the people is that the government has no project and no plan in regards to their plight. The R350 social grant is well received and appreciated, however, it is rather palliative and does not solve much of the problems they are going through currently and those they have been experiencing prior COVID-19. There’s an outcry, the populace is tired of this virus; masks have become a fashion statement instead and no longer a preventative device as meant; and moreover, social distancing is only established when there is police visibility and when enforced, otherwise it is almost non-existent. Be as it may others are law abiding citizens, they wear their masks, frequently wash their hands, they do sanitise, social distancing to them makes sense and their children have returned to school. In the background there’s an argument concerning masks that ‘masks have nothing to do with safety, however an experiment to see who can be controlled and who will be a problem.’


Maybe it’s the lack of concern or knowledge, resulting in not taking responsibility for their own lives and those of others. With this unprecedented life situation, the world over, confusion and neglect is expected. So, despite the relentless advice and education from the South African Department of Health and other various organizations concerning the virus; people just don’t know what to do, but are in a hurry for the end of ‘COVID-19’ for their lives’ sake.


The SOWETANS have lost many of their loved ones during this pandemic; in the midst of it all as if the struggles of being poor and insalubrious were not enough another contributor to the chaos faced by the SOWETANS is the constant load-shedding; people are left freezing cold and hungry, at the same their stress levels surge as they are plunged in darkness with a reminder that they owe EishKOM! (ESKOM) billions of Rands. Nevertheless, the SOWETANS have always carried a triumphing attitude against the odds; they are hopeful that COVID-19 will cease as the new season is dawning; Spring time!


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