Competition: Highway Heroes, tell your story


Day in the Life of a Truck Driver: everybody loves stories about heroes – ordinary people who do extraordinary things.


competitionOver the course of the next three months, Hollard Trucking is compiling a book about the entrants in their Highway Heroes competition: the truck drivers who travel all over our country. Highway Heroes like you.


Starting on 1 July 2019, Hollard Trucking would love it if you shared your photos with them while telling your stories.


The requirements

What we need most is photographs that illustrate your day, such as:


  • At home: getting ready for the long road; kissing your family goodbye, or hello; making food; your home; helping your kids with homework; time with your family or friends; hobbies and things you do for fun
  • On the road: preparing your truck; picking up or offloading cargo; places where you stop; people you meet; what you eat; what you do for entertainment; where you sleep; the best and worst places you see


HH Comp picHollard Trucking wants photographs taken at all times of the day and night, in all kinds of places. And it’s really OK if your photos don’t look like a professional photographer took them.


With each photo, they need a few simple details to help tell the story: your name and cellphone number; a short explanation of who is in the photo and what they are doing; and the place, date and time it was taken.



There are three monthly hampers for the best photographs in July, August and September – and a prize of R5 000 for the best overall picture each month!


What won’t work


  • Selfies of you sitting in your truck
  • Pictures of people standing still, in a line – they should be doing things
  • Pictures without details – we need to know what’s going on
  • Pictures that are blurry, too dark, too grainy or taken from too far away


How to submit your pictures


Please WhatsApp your photos, with details, to 082 402 0448 over the next three months. Good luck! We look forward to seeing the pictures that you share with us!


hh comp pic 2


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