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MasterDrive tackles distracted driving


As distracted driving becomes a major challenge, with studies suggesting that it presents as great a danger as distracted driving does. MasterDrive is prioritising this road safety concern by launching an app that limits the use of phones while driving.


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says often drivers do not view distracted driving in as serious a light as they should. “Many drivers will not even consider drinking and driving. Yet, the same cannot be said for using a cellphone and driving. This is particularly concerning considering various studies promulgate that distracted driving is just as, and possibly more, dangerous than driving at the maximum BAC.


“For this reason, MasterDrive is taking proactive steps to change this by launching their latest product offering for corporates – MasterDrive NOCELL. It’s an app that effectively makes it difficult for employees to use certain functions on their cellphones while driving.”


Fleet operators can control how a phone is used behind the wheel. “They can whitelist certain applications such Bluetooth calls and navigation applications. Anything that can wait until the employee arrives can be blocked from use such as emails, text messages and social media. The app even detects a second phone in a vehicle and applies the same restrictions.


“Safety policies that rely on drivers to not use their phones are no longer enough as technology becomes more pervasive and demands on employees grow, particularly during COVID-19. MasterDrive NOCELL is the next step in safety strategies,” says Herbert.




Distracted driving is posing far too common among drivers. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says recent statistics illustrate the seriousness of distracted driving. “As much as 88% of drivers admit to checking for messages while driving even though this makes them 23 times more likely to have an accident.


“The Transport Research Laboratory in the UK says writing a text slows reaction times by 35% whereas reaction times of a driver with a Bac at the legal limit is slowed by 12%. Thus, distracted drivers are eight times more likely to have a crash whereas drunk drivers are only four times more likely. This does not minimise the danger of drunk driving but emphasises how dangerous distracted driving is.”


Technology is becoming important in removing the temptation to drive distracted. “MasterDrive is working alongside the developers of ping, an app that eliminates the urge to read text messages and emails while driving by automatically reading them out loud for the driver.


ping Co-founder Barrie Arnold adds, “Drivers receive a surge of dopamine to the brain when receiving a message. Even without looking at their phone, they are cognitively distracted, wondering who sent the message and whether it’s urgent. Consequently, distracted driving requires a technology solution to reach the largest possible audience.”


It is undeniable distracted driving is a major challenge. “Lead the way in changing the situation by making use of the ping app to still meet the demands to your attention but in a safe way,” says Herbert.



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