Driver-focused COVID-19 training


Once level four lockdown began, more businesses returned to their offices and vehicles. As the country anticipates being lowered to level 3 in June, the month of May will be critical in ensuring this. If all those that are returning to work do not continue to follow the safety guidelines required by the government, infection rates could soar and threaten the current lockdown level.


As such it is critical that organisations ensure that their employees and drivers who will be returning to work fully understand and comply to the proposed hygiene processes. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Rather than assume that employees implicitly understand what is expected, organisations should take steps to explicitly go over the requirements.


“The difficulty for essential service organisations or organisations that returned to work after more than a month hiatus, finding the time to do this can be difficult. Additionally, it has become evident many employees are not as well-informed as is necessary. If an employee were to contract COVID-19 because correct protocols were not followed, the company could be forced to close and large portions of the workforce could be affected.”


In support of their clients MasterDrive has developed a way to quickly provide essential drivers with a free COVID-19 Training course. “We have developed a training course to inform drivers during this critical time. MasterDrive’s COVID-19 Training Course for drivers is available at no cost. The course can be completed in less than an hour, tests what participants have learnt and a certificate of completion will be provided once your drivers have finished.”


The benefits to your business can have a far-reaching effect. “The free COVID-19 Driver Training Course helps drivers understand the impact of the pandemic, how it can affect their work and safety and includes steps to keep themselves and others safe.


“Feedback on the course has been positive. One driver commented that he would not have thought of some of the places that need to be sanitised in a car of his own accord.”


The free COVID-19 Training course provides instruction on driver-specific concerns:

  • High-touch areas inside the vehicle
  • Sanitising your vehicle
  • Driver-specific safety measures
  • Driver fatigue
  • Managing stress in challenging times
  • Lifestyle changes that help keep drivers and others safe


As South Africa cautiously starts to return to normal, the right training is essential to look after drivers’ health and safety and improve efficiency. “We would like to encourage you to make use of this opportunity to keep your drivers safe and informed,” says Herbert.


If you would like more information on the free COVID-19 Training Course, please send an email to , click here to complete the training or visit


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