Driving through roadworks


Up to  59% of motorists admit to driving dangerously through roadworks


Roadworks and potholes are as ubiquitous as the common cold or flu virus – something that affects every one of us at some stage.


The following survey shows some alarming results – given the British peoples high regard for being law abiding drivers – and must cause us, in SA, to reflect on what our results would be.


Research, conducted on behalf of highways maintenance and management company, Amey, reveals a majority of UK road users admit to driving in ways that put themselves, road workers and other road users at risk of injury or death.


As much as 59% of road users who took part in the research acknowledge that they are not as safety-conscious as they should be when negotiating roadworks. Another 74% admit to exceeding speed limits set to protect those working at these sites.


The survey finds drivers admit to speeding (37%), not giving their full concentration (24%), not maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles (19%) and not paying any attention to road workers (14%).


The Amey research data shows that younger drivers are more likely to flout road safety laws. For example, 82% of 17 to 24-year olds admit to breaking speed limits in 50mph controlled zones, while a further 8% say they go over 65mph.


However, the overall majority of those questioned (87%) also acknowledge that being a road worker in the UK is a dangerous occupation.


Sobering statistics indeed – every driver should reflect for a moment on how they engage with roadworks, particularly those that use the highways in and around major cities such as Cape Town where they seem to be taking place in perpetually.


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