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For many, making use of airport parking services is an efficient and practical solution when travelling for business. You can focus on making your flight and going through COVID-19 protocols while someone else handles the parking situation. The only potential downside? Who is getting behind the wheel of your luxury car?


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says as regular users of such services, the company identified the value that a partnership could provide to users of car park services. “MasterDrive and Elite Car Park Service joined forces to ensure that your prized vehicle is in safe hands when you leave it with them. All the drivers at Elite Car Park Services have successfully completed the Advanced Valet Services Driver Training and Hijack Management Programme.


“To ensure that the training stays fresh in the valet drivers’ minds, they will continue with an ongoing driver improvement programme throughout the year. Having completed the first training session, Elite Car Park Service drivers are enthusiastic and ready to deliver first-rate service. You can be sure your car returns in just as perfect a condition as it was when you left it.”


The importance of feeling confident about who you hand your vehicle over to, to safely park, cannot be highlighted enough. “With an estimated 20% of crashes occurring in parking lots, assuming that little can go wrong is a mistake. Instead, you need to be sure that the person climbing behind your wheel is trained and capable of handling all situations.”


MasterDrive looks forward to the relationship with Elite Car Park Services. “Their drivers take great pride in their work and we are grateful to help them be even better. For the drivers of high-end cars, we look forward to instilling confidence and providing peace of mind when they handover their keys in the rush to catch a flight.


“Together, MasterDrive and Elite Car Park Services can work together to make professional car parking services a necessity for every business traveller. We look forward to working with Elite Car Park Services in becoming this necessity to travellers,” says Herbert.


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