Evolving to meet a new reality


South Africa has always been a country that adapts well to challenges and finds solutions to problems. MasterDrive is a proudly South African company that is following the lead of South Africans and adapting to the new challenges presented by the spread of COVID-19.


While the majority of the country is following the regulations put in place under the State of Disaster, this does not mean business has not and cannot be put on hold for the duration of the lockdown and as long as the virus presents challenges. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Many businesses are still operating with the help of employees working from home. Once lockdown starts phasing out, businesses will need to be ready to ‘run,’ and make up for the time lost.”


As one of these companies, MasterDrive is well aware of this. “Consequently, we evolved our training to offer the ‘in-classroom session’ digitally so that drivers can complete their practical component as soon as lockdown is lifted and meet their health and safety requirements with as little delay as possible.


“Using the same technology that many educational institutions are using, we can deliver our defensive driving theory component. We can interact with the drivers in our digital training room, answer questions and make use of the same audio-visual material that we would in any other theory session.”


Rather than look at the challenges the virus and consequent lockdown has caused as a disadvantage, MasterDrive is looking at the positive. “We are very fortunate that technology enables us to continue almost as we were, albeit with trainer and attendees in different locations. A year ago, we would never have expected to be providing training this way but that is exactly what we have achieved.


“The MasterDrive team and trainers have worked diligently to transfer our content to the new format and deliver it in the same way and at the same level that our clients expect. Our efforts were rewarded following the positive feedback received from clients. While interpersonal training is what we are accustomed to, virtual training creates opportunities that the team is enjoying and maximising for the benefit of all involved.”


There are not many certainties in business. “Paradoxically, what we can be sure of is that business is constantly evolving and the coronavirus has introduced the fastest and biggest evolution that businesses have faced up to now. MasterDrive is appreciative that we have the team and the opportunity to evolve with it,” says Herbert.


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