MasterDrive and EWT work together


Road users often overlooked when one considers road safety is wildlife. Strategies to improve road safety and the well-being of those on the roads should always include road ecology, particularly in rural or country areas. This is why MasterDrive works closely with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in ensuring this.


MasterDrive is an advanced driver training company that has made road ecology an essential part of their training programmes. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says “The core tenet of defensive driver training is teaching road users how to be aware of everyone and everything that they may encounter while driving and how to react, should this be necessary, to avoid a collision.


“Defensive drivers are trained to identify the potential risk that wildlife next to the road can present to all. Consequently, they timeously adjust their driving to make allowance for any unexpected animals darting into the road. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that both driver and animal escape the interaction unscathed.”


MasterDrive is also committed to improving road safety and encouraging drivers, non-profit organisations, corporates and the government to play their part in decreasing the high fatality rates on our roads through various training programmes and safety initiatives. “One of these initiatives is to encourage a greater understanding of and respect for road ecology. Not only does a collision with an animal pose a risk for drivers but has a devastating effect on our wildlife.”


While official figures in South Africa are scarce, statistics in the USA suggest that more deer are killed in road collisions than what are killed by hunters. Herbert says: “In a country that is known for its rich wildlife and isolated roads between cities, stats are likely even higher here. The question is, how many drivers know how to adjust their driving to handle wildlife along the roads?


“Consequently, MasterDrive and the EWT work together to educate drivers on what they can do to prevent road incidents involving wildlife. All drivers that receive instruction from MasterDrive become drivers that are conscious of how to adjust their driving in areas where wildlife is likely to be encountered on every trip.”


Change begins when drivers commit to improving and protecting all road users. “Consequently, MasterDrive and EWT are eager to lead the way when improving road ecology. We look forward to the good things that can only be achieved when two organisations like EWT and MasterDrive join forces,” says Herbert.


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