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When Honda launched their Amaze in 2018, they aimed to set new standards for the compact sedan segment. It is a refreshing take on a car in that range. It offers an attractive option as a company car where extra boot space would not go amiss.




Honda is targeting the Amaze at young singles, start-up families or the mature audience. This I am not quite sure about. I foresee it being a good option as part of a fleet or for young parents who need an affordable car with the boot space that a hatch cannot offer them. As a young single, likely with a high expendable income, I do not see the Amaze appealing to them on the same level that a hatch would.


The drive

honda_amaze_03_880x500My first trip in the Amaze was an unexpected one but so I did not have time to look over the specs nor was I that familiar with the car. Thus, I was quite ‘amazed’ to find that it only featured a 1.2L engine. I have driven other, slightly smaller-bodied cars, that have struggled much more than the Honda Amaze.


Honda’s i-VTEC intelligent valve timing management system is present in the car allowing for optimum performance and fuel efficiency. The tested vehicle was the 1.2 Trend Manual with a power output of 66 kW and a maximum torque of 110 Nm.

Amaze fuel


The fuel-efficiency was not bad but not quite on the same level that other cars have been presenting recently. I manged to fleetingly reach 5.9L/100km but mostly remained at 6.1L/100km for the majority of the time. This was with open road driving for most of the trips. The claimed fuel efficiency is 5.6L/100km, making the achieved figures not too far off.




The exterior

honda_amaze_08_880x500Honda describes their upgrade to the exterior as bold. Compared to the previous model, it definitely looks like it has leapt forward a generation. I also felt that it was miles ahead of other sedans in terms of design. While it is not breath-taking, it does have a more modern and appealing look that not many manufacturers succeed in incorporating into their sedan designs.


The interior

honda_amaze_10_880x500I seldom pay attention to the colour of the seats as this is variable in most vehicles but these seats bothered me a bit. The Honda Amaze Trend appears to come with only one trim option, with the higher speced vehicle offering two. The seats in the Trend are a pale beige that I do not foresee looking good within a few months, never mind years. If the vehicle is part of a fleet, where drivers are not as likely to pay as much respect to the car or carrying children around this is something you do not want.


honda_amaze_12_880x500At MasterTorque, there are three things we look for to qualify the vehicle as meeting basic needs: electric windows, Bluetooth and steering controls for the radio. The Amaze has all three of these features, making sure it fulfils the basic needs of all drivers. It also has a USB port which is important for employees on the road.


The interior is comfortable and spacious and the boot offers what few other economy cars do. It could easily fit a pram as well as some groceries. Alternatively, reps who need to carry products around with them, will find the Honda Amaze more than suitable.




Overall, I was impressed with the Honda Amaze. It fits the niche for fleet vehicles or young families extremely well. If you are in the market for a vehicle like this, it would be well worth your while to have a look.





Good to know

The specs of the Honda Amaze Trend

Engine: 1.2 litre

Transmission: 5-Speed manual

Power: 66 kW

Torque: 110 Nm

Claimed fuel efficiency: 5.6L/100km

Price: from R179 900

Warranties:  standard with a 5-year/200 000km warranty and a 2-year/30 000 km service plan, with services scheduled at 15 000 km intervals. Three-year roadside assistance with the AA included.




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